August 29th, 2012


Physical progress, at least

I love that the name for the headquarters of the Grey Wardens is also the name of the guy who founded the Illuminati. Just saying.

Anyway, despite my lack of enthusiasm, I dragged my arse to acro last night and again, was surprised at how well things went. I think I've reached the stage with it where all the tryfailtryfailtryfail learning has accumulated enough so that mostly it's now trySUCCEED! with the occasional OMGWTFWASTHAT thrown in to keep us all humble. This makes me feel good about it - I'm no longer the class klutz and can even work with the New Base Guy without anyone getting hurt.

And there was a lady there with a dog - a golden retriever who was female and elderly and had just come from a fairly major surgery. Dog was looking at me worriedly so I squatted down and went "Hey dog, I'm not going to bite you" and the dog came over and put her forehead on my chest like First used to do and I was all *squeesniff* I miss my dog.

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Meanwhile, yesterday I also did my first ever deadlift press from headstand to handstand. I only did one and after that my arms turned to jelly and I couldn't do it again but I DID IT. And then I did 3 sets of 8 of military presses with 30 kilos after the usual strength training stuff. So I'm getting there and am well on track for Christmas handstanding. This smells like victory.

And it smells even more like victory through knowing that it's happening despite me never having felt less like working on myself than I do right now. There is something to be said for the negative motivation of "I have nothing better to do" or "I paid for this" sometimes. Now to attempt to apply similar motivation to finishing my degree.

I am looking forward to just wanting to, though. I think tieke has a point from yesterday - the times when I play the most games are the ones when I'm under the most stress, and when I'm not I tend to just naturally stop doing it. We'll see how that goes.