August 24th, 2012


IR a klutz no rly

Fuck I love Kindle. Yes yes, I know I'm probably just buying into some giant corporate DRM-riddled mind-control machine, but seriously? Last night I converted a Word doc to pdf, copied it to my Kindle as if it were a portable drive, and was reading in less than 2 minutes. This morning jaelle_n_gilla recommended a book that looked really interesting, I looked it up, and 30 seconds later I can read it. And it's So.Fucking.Easy. Also, books are like 1/3 the price of hard copies. But mostly - Just Works and Works Easily. These are the two things that are major selling points for me.

Cue collective eyeroll from all the people who've known this for years.

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See? I told you nobody gives a crap about the thing I wrote about yesterday! Still, it feels good to have articulated it.

Anyway.. continuing the Mars theme, turns out Mars has another face:

Kind of like comedy/tragedy. This one was discovered first, so maybe rivet's idea about Mars's PR department has already come to fruition, and now they are putting out more welcoming planet-faces. Or something. Anyway, I didn't think I'd ever end up anthropomorphising a planet, but there you go.

[edit] OK so one of my pet peeves is autoplay videos embedded into websites. I like to choose whether to use that bandwidth, thanks. More annoying is autoplay videos with compulsory advertisements at the start. MOST annoying is the one I just came across - an autoplay video with compulsory advertisement, which after playing the advertisement then tells me the video is not available in my location. Fuck you, video-embedding people!