August 22nd, 2012


On overcoming the natural inclination to hibernate

Last night I really didn't feel like going to acro but I forced myself and was glad I did. Not because any huge progress was made, but because overcoming my midwinter inertia makes me feel good and by the time I've walked to the Circus Hub, jumped around for an hour and a half, and walked back, the endorphins are flowing and the world is a better place.

Last night was harder on bases than flyers anyway. We were doing this move:

Which, while it leaves a bruise on my left ankle from being used as a handle, mostly involves just a jump off the right leg and then being as relaxy as possible to get a good arch while he balances me. For Tom, however, it involves doing a one-armed press of 60kg from kneeling. The only men who managed it were Mark and Zac who are both built like fridges, everyone else needed a spot. It's a bizarre feeling being suddenly too heavy to lift, especially when the same person has been throwing you over their shoulder with the greatest of ease for the last few months. Last week I was pressed by all the men* and none of them had any trouble. This week suddenly I'm a heffalump and they all have noodly arms. It was.. psychologically interesting.

* Don't say that in the wrong company *cough*

Collapse )

In other physical activity news, I can now lift the 45kg over my head 4 times in a row (four sets) before collapsing into a noodly heap. It's slow progress, but progress it is. Contrary to the opinions of fuckwits*, this has not made my trapezius muscles grow to proportions that reach out and emasculate men by their mere existence. In fact, I've barely changed shape at all - I've just got stronger.

Sadly, to stay stronger I have to keep doing it, and right now all I want to do is eat, sleep and kill monsters. If I were a bear I'd be allowed, right?

* Warning - that link will either make you point and laugh or rage, depending on what frame of mind you're in today.