August 17th, 2012


Magic and Drugs Part 1: WTF you on about Tats?

This morning I woke up from a dream in which a heavily-pregnant friggasmuse rescued both of her existing children and herself from a shark which was marauding them in a backyard swimming pool. She did this while giving birth. Fierce mama is fierce.

I suspect this is some combination of it being Shark Week (oh internet how would I know these things without you) and having seen Prometheus recently, along with friggasmuse being, in my lj-view, the epitome of the Mother archetype a la pagany type connotations. Either that or there's something she's not telling us about her birthing story.

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Hey Tats, why the sudden esoteric ramblings about visions?

Well I've been thinking about magic and drugs, right? So I needed to clarify in my mind about the use of drugs for magic and whether there's a strong relationship between them in my own experience. The answer is yes and no. Drugs can be used in magic but they are not necessary. They don't 'go together like a horse and carriage' so to speak. Gee Tats, I'm glad you had to write so many words to clarify that in your head.

Next up, so if drugs and magic aren't necessarily bedfellows, why is magic used as a metaphor for drugs, and specifically, how does the treatment of drug users relate to the treatment of mages in Thedas?

Because you care so much, right?