August 16th, 2012


I am so bloody middle class

One of the things I love about Dr Wheel is that he doesn’t stuff around. He just gets on with whatever he’s doing and so things get done. You know how yesterday I said we’d decided to buy a giant TV? Turns out that as I typed that, he was busy getting one sorted (that was the deal - he sorted the telly, I sorted the double glazing). And unexpectedly, it arrived in the shop round the corner from us yesterday afternoon. So last night after work we carried this giant thing through Cuba Mall and into our house. I felt quite exposed doing this - big-screen tvs are one of those markers of middle-classness and because I’m from a very working-class background, I’m struggling a bit to reconcile my financial comfortableness and big-screen tv ownership with my internalised perception of what these things mean.

But anyway, yes. We now have a big-screen tv and it’s big.

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Anyway, thank you folks who expressed interest in the magic/drugs thing. I will cogitate some more because at the moment I’m following three different threads with it and I haven’t reached the end of them yet. I’m also trying to work out how to do it without spoilers, so it may be a while.

Taking bets on which of my fellow cohabitors will be XBoxing on the giant telly when I get home from my tutorial tonight...

PS Sam Hankins randomly showed up in the handbalancing class last night. Apparently he's in Wellington now and may show up to Fidels one Friday to say hi to y'all.