August 15th, 2012

erotically codependent

Unfocused free-brain rambling

Sent to me by a lovely friend, this here link is really interesting. Artist takes a different drug every day for 45 days and makes a self-portrait while under the influence. Contrary to likely assumption, most of the drugs he uses are not illegal drugs, they are prescription drugs. There are some illegal ones there (I particularly like the psilocybin portrait), but it's mostly stuff I hear people talking about on my flist, like Ambien and Zoloft.

These aren't things I've heard of outside LJ - I think that's a combination of NZ not having the same Medication Culture that exists in the US, and also we probably have different brand names. Plug for the anti-TPP brigade (among whom I'm included): if the US gets its way in TPP negotiations both of these things will change as US pharmaceutical companies with have open slather on the NZ market. Right now we have a regulatory body that decides subsidies and approves medications, which keeps the cost to us down and limits the hard-sell marketing. I like it that way, just saying.

But yeah, check out that guy's pictures. It's eye-opening. Although taking a different psychoactive substance every day for 45 days isn't something I'd recommend if you want to keep your brain chemistry from turning into turnip soup, eh?

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Yesterday I finished my essay. It came in at 2168 words which is good enough for me. This means I have a couple of weeks of brain freedom before I have to get on with the next one. As a constructivist I think I want to write about how labelling theory is still relevant in the 21st Century - I just have to think of a reasonably recent event I can analyse for this. But first, 2 weeks off.

In celebration, I bought *cough* Mass Effect 2 and Skyrim. Check me out with my cutting edginess actually buying a game within a year of its release! Last time I did that was with DA:O. Speaking of which, I joined a fan community. *hangs head in shame*. I wasn't going to but then amongst the fanfic and the icons I found someone who'd written an essay comparing Foucault's theory of the asylum with the Circle of Magi and I was hooked. Fuck it, I make no apology. I want to write on a similar topic relating the use of magic to the use of drugs, and maybe those folks will appreciate it so you don't have to be subjected to it. I realised something. I'm a social policy/criminology wonk with a weakness for magical fantasy and sarcastic Englishmen. Of course this series is going to suck me in - it's almost as if they made it just for me. So yeah - no apology.

Well, maybe a little one..