August 10th, 2012


Toughlove, otter style

Wow. Someone posted a video of Epke Zonderland of the Netherlands performing a really difficult bar routine and nailing it. I clicked, because I like to see hard stuff done well. I got this message:

"This video contains content from International Olympic Committee, who has blocked it on copyright grounds."

So the Olympics Committee owns the footage of athletes' performances, and can prevent people from watching it. It seems counterintuitive that the committee promoting excellence in sport is blocking people from seeing excellence in sport. I am wondering what they stand to gain by doing this. I know, I know, corporate sponsors put all sorts of limitations on what events can do. I remember the silliness around the Rugby World Cup. And I heard the thing about how UK food shops aren't allowed to sell chips at the moment because of McDonalds being a sponsor.

And I think, WTF world? Why are we like this? I'm not one to get screamingly excited by the Olympics, and the way it's all been sewn up by corporations to what I consider the detriment of things like sports appreciation and sharing talent with the world, just puts me off more.

Fuck the Olympics, essentially. Sorry, athletes. I wanted to support you, but nope. Can't.

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*ahem* This seems to be turning into an opportunity to post your favourite otter pics. So, have at it. Otters are awesome.

Doop de doo.. I went to the tutorial yesterday and discovered that the lecturer is still delivering lectures really slowly and expecting everyone to copy down what he says. I have better things to do that go to said lectures, so I will be passing this course only on tutorials. And come feedback time, the administration will hear about it. Because they need to.

I am getting a haircut tonight. This is a big deal to me. What this means is I may not make it to Fidels as there is also Josh's thing - can someone text me when you're all heading round so I know which direction to go after my new stylings?

Finally, my urge to make a Giant Project Costume is rising again. I don't know whether to indulge it or squash it. It's not one I could wear and I don't know if it's a saleable item - it's just something I really want to have a go at doing. Damn creative urges.