August 7th, 2012



Well, so now one of our volcanoes is going off. Tongariro is one of the Central Plateau volcanoes that was left after the giant eruption that created Lake Taupo. You know, the ones we ski on*? It's been dormant for 100 years, but now it's apparently awake. I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with the Mars landing btw.

Welcome to New Zealand, we are geologically unstable. I used to say the only thing that'll kill you here is the weather, but I'm starting to think the geology will give it a damn good go too. Also, there go my thoughts of actually going boarding this year. ;-/

In other news, we have one of these in Wellington. Now I have nothing against natural medicine in general (although some of the practices *cough* homeopathy *cough* seem very snake-oil to me). But on the sign outside they advertise 'Ascension'. Which, from what I gather, transcends *cough* the realm of natural health and steps firmly into New Age BullshitTM. I can't find anything about it on the website though, so I don't know what's up with that.

But really? Ascension? I mean yes, I love fantasy games, I have a personal spirituality that recognises there are things we don't understand, and right now there's an essay about the parallels between magic and drugs in popular culture brewing in my head - but Ascended Masters creating a vast dimensional portal in New Zealand? *best Dean voice* OH COME ON!

I note that Ascension site has a store. I know how much money people pay for these Seeking type courses, and I have an ethical objection to charging ridiculous sums of money for courses and merchandise related to so-called enlightenment. Surely, if one is enlightened and wishes to share the gift of enlightenment with others, only making it available to those who can afford $350 for a four hour course in 'Personal Healing Through Art' seems somewhat counterintuitive.

I guess only the privileged get to be enlightened these days. How very conservative of the New Age movement. *snerk*

* We don't actually ski on Tongariro, it's mostly walkers go up there. We ski on Ruapehu. That one goes off sometimes too.

In a small side note, I know I'm not Maori and don't speak for Maori. But Dear World, can you please stop appropriating haka? It's.. not right. Chur.