August 6th, 2012


Normal programming is slowly resuming

I think I have about 50% of my head back. There's still a lot of churning going on in there (which to your massive relief I'm not about to regale you with), but I managed to produce the majority of my essay over the weekend in spite of that. It felt a bit like you know when you have to use that tiny pin thing to clean out the holes in a coffee filter and it's fiddly and annoying and takes forever? Yeah, like that.

I really dislike compare/contrast knowledge exposition type essays. I know this stuff inside out, and what I'd love to do is take one situation and apply all seven of the theories to it, to demonstrate how each could view the same situation and the insights that'd come from it. I think I could even do that in 2000 words. But no, I have to use this specific framework which is admittedly very useful for analysis, but restricts my ability to apply this theoretical abstraction to something real. And that frustrates the hell out of me because if it's not applied to something real, then it doesn't feel like I'm saying anything.

However, I'll produce an essay, it'll be really long, I'll take out the crap and end up with 2000 words of uninspired-but-passable. Then I'll focus my mind on the second one, which does actually give me a chance to chew on something. No idea what though. I'd like to pick a recent event and use it to explain why X theory is still relevant*. I'm drawn to critical theory so probably that. I need a topic/event that allows me to explain why critically examining the power dynamics behind the construction of crime is important to creating policy. I guess I could do the politics of heroin?

Anyway, in other news, Dr Wheel* is home, with a tan cos VEGAS, BABY! Waking up this morning was joyful and delicious. Although, I'm now wondering if it's possible to get duvets that are split down the middle into 'warm enough for me' on one side with 'doesn't overheat him' on the other. Because if they don't exist, they should. Just saying.

PS This arrived in the mail this morning. Yet another indulgence that I find riveting but others might.. question.

* Completely sane and not made of pixels. I like this about him. ;-)