August 4th, 2012


I like big boats and I cannot lie

Last night I stayed up till 2am finishing my game. The last week while Dr Wheel's been away my usual routines have all been placed aside and I've let myself be lazy - something I almost never do because I fear complacency so much and know that life is much better if you work at it. This week though, I've avoided being my usual disciplined, motivated self, allowed myself to be a slob, and while I was sick I didn't even have to go to work or the gym or training. I've done no study, eaten absolute crap food, and spent something like 45 hours playing video games, including several day/night sessions.

The other thing I've allowed myself to do that I don't normally is give in to obsession. Warning: I am about to indulge that obsession some more. After this, I go back to Getting On With It. This morning I went for a run, and after this post I'll be writing an essay. But for now, it's about Dragon Age.

Warning to Happy: spoilery as fuck and you should probably avoid reading this if you don't want hints at the outcome.

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tl;dr I didn't play it for a long time after release because lots of people were disappointed in it. All I can say is I think those people were looking for different things in a game from what I look for. Characterisation/immersion/culture-building wise, I think I just finished the best RPG I've ever played.

Scoff all you like.

PS part of me (luckily I think part of me I can control) really wants to use the DA2 world and the storyline of the game as the basis for an exploration of criminological theory, because it has all the ingredients to do it.