August 2nd, 2012


On digital love and the hawtness of elves and mages

So the sexing in Act 2 went ahead as planned. First Fenris, then Anders. *high fives self* They don't care about my bugs, bless their little pixellated hearts. Anyway, even though Fenris is far hotter IMO (love the tats and he also looks kind of like Dave), when push came to shove (euphemistically speaking) it was actually Anders that floated my boat.

Yes I am admitting to getting turned on by PG rated cartoon soft porn. Shut up.

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Can you tell I've probably spent too much time playing Dragon Age 2 the last couple of days?

Over and above the Anders/Fenris thing, I'm really enjoying the game. I've heard other people liked it less than DA:O, but I'm enjoying it as much. I like the easy inventory administration, the way they've solved the farming/produce storage problem, and the simplification of the weapons distribution. Some people have complained there's a lack of plot, but I quite like the way it's panning out and I really don't miss the humungously long dungeon crawls (hello Deep Roads I'm looking at you) from DA:O). Playing on normal is about the same level of difficulty as Mass Effect on casual, though. What's up with that?