July 31st, 2012


Emo angry elves are sexy apparently

Still at home. Less loogies now, more fuzzy-headedness. Probably a bad day to do schoolwork today, right? So I might do some of that (sketch out the format the essay/argument will take) and then play some games.

Mass Effect: Finished. Ended up sexing Liara completely by accident. Flirting was stilted as, cutscene was less PG than Dragon Age. Can tell it was one of the first games to do relationship options. I liked the ending. FemShep rocks my socks. I would recommend this game although the planet-surveying bit got somewhat tedious after a while, the rest was pretty cool.

Secret of the Magic Crystal: I am probably the only person in the world that's determined to finish this game. I have one crystal so far (go Houston the palomino unicorn) and am now breeding pegasi. This game might give me OOS. It's inane but kind of addictive.

Bioshock: Creepy and immersive but I gave up before the end because it ends like LOTR - you think you've done the final boss fight but no, another one. And another one. After the second time this happened I dropped it for DAO:Awakenings and never went back. Still, fun and unusual.

Dragon Age 2: Just started this. I like the styliness of the new combat gameplay and my char is hot (I don't often get to make avatars I personally find attractive). Here she is:

Yes, that's a photo of the screen not a screenshot. Don't ask. Anyway, see how she is wearing actual armour that might be good as, you know, armour instead of winning a bikini contest? Points to EA. Also, she has muscles (sort of), normal sized breasts and while she's slim and white, I chose her to be that way instead of her being like that by default. Those two behind her? I bloody well hope I get to sex them both. On the left we have PHWOAR I mean Fenris, and on the right we have surrogate Alistair sarcastic Englisman dude Anders.

I will not take screenshots of the sexing mmk?

PS I am wearing Ugg boots. The Horror!