July 30th, 2012

fun and games

I has a weirdly fluctuating temperature

So I woke up this morning going "Oh, I don't feel that bad." And I don't. But I'm home from work anyway because my work has a Thing about sick people who show up and share their bugs around.

I'm not convinced I am sick but I'm definitely under the weather and haven't had anything to eat since some time yesterday. Being not hungry is strange for me.

Anyway, today me and my bugs will clean the house and play silly games and read about Merton* and practice headstands, and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to do the million things I do on Tuesdays unimpeded by bacteria or viruses.

Meanwhile, Internet, you have to entertain yourself today. Or better still, entertain me!

* I'm reading an Iain M Banks book right now, The Player of Games, and halfway in I'm all "This dude's read Durkheim!" I'm not sure why this surprises me, there's probably some Universal Law out there that says EVERYONE SHALL READ DURKHEIM EVENTUALLY THERE IS NO AVOIDING THIS SO YOU MIGHT AS WELL GET IT OVER WITH...

(please read the above in your best archbishop of canterbury intonation)

(i have no idea what the archbishop of canterbury sounds like btw)

(parentheses are the new black)