July 27th, 2012


Mini daffodils and giant offsprings, together at last

Our apartment has a superpower - miniaturising plants! I first noticed this with some fuschias I planted when I first moved in, which never grew to anything and have since died. Then it was the tomatoes, which grew to amazing lengths but never got any bigger than a cocktail one. Then it was the silverbeet, which is 6 months old and only 10 inches high, with leaves the size of my hand. I think it's because it's a deep balcony that only gets sun in the afternoon, and gets its best sun at the equinoxes when the sun's in the northwest.

Now, we have miniature daffodils because spring is just around the corner. Yes it is, shut up.

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Wow, that got long. I guess I have Feelings about this topic. tl;dr talk to your fucking kids and make it safe for them to talk to you, that way your house is less likely to get trashed. Or something like that anyway. Also, the YoT is awesome.

Meanwhile, my arse is broken from doing handstands. Hands? Fine. Wrists? Fine. Shoulders? Fine. Arse? OMGOWIEOWIE. Also, thighs. Who'da thought doing handstands would be hard on your arse?

PS I talked to the tutor about Crappy Lecturer. He said that is the guy's style, that lots of students like that style, and that my best bet was to turn up to lectures but leave if they weren't doing anything for me, and focus on tutorials. So I'll try that then. Also, he remembers me from Sociology 101 as the talky one, and said he's glad I'm still doing it. ;-D Haha, blathering, it works!