July 26th, 2012


I probably shouldn't run away and join the circus just yet, eh?

So Zac the handbalance trainer (who I haven't yet come up with a nickname for) is one of those people who gives off positive vibes without appearing to try very hard. He kind of reminds me of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and I can imagine him hanging out with the surfing crowd at the beach being all "Hang loose, man" and emitting zenogens in a very similar way to the way Dr Wheel does. This is a lot to glean on first meeting, but hey, I'm going to be letting this guy tell me what to do for the next 8 weeks so I'm inspecting closely.

Anyway, he reckons press to handstand is well within our capability, and most of us should be able to do it fairly quickly if we work at it. He then proceeded to make us work at it. Handstand against the wall for a minute and a half? Well gosh, that's a long time. He made us do that three times. I only managed the full time the first round. The second I made a minute and the third .. uh.. yeah. Does it count if you do it in three bursts? Then we did handstands proper (yes after we were all going Holy Fuck Ow was when we started the real work), during which I managed to maintain one unsupported for five seconds. It was enough to get a feel for how I'm supposed to be using my fingers like feet, and I can only get better from here right? Then there were nasty core conditioning exercises and some stretching, and then we were out of time. I reckon if I do that for 8 weeks I'll have handstands fairly stable, after which there will be pics.

Today, my arms feel a bit noodly and there are some interesting painy bits in the centre of my back in the muscles around where my floating ribs come out. But I supported my own bodyweight (60 kilos) over my head for a minute and a half! That'll make me stronger, right?

Meanwhile I told DoomBoy that I write about him on the internet and he's all "What do you say about me?" While piling on the extra weight. He's also making noises like he's getting interested in circus, and asked me what sort of things I thought he could do and how to get involved. I said "Cyr Wheel!" because nope, totally not obsessed with that right now. Anyway, it feels good to be spreading the love and letting more people know about the circus hub.

And it turns out that having a few weeks off from partnering and then starting with a new partner who isn't as experienced as your previous one is an exercise in humility and getting dropped on your head because you presented your base with a foot instead of a shoulder and have forgotten how to assist with lifts. *sigh* But we did a 'successful' neckspin after about ten goes and as with the handstands, the only way is up.

This is me thinking positive.

Finally, Dr Wheel flies out this afternoon while I'm in my tutorial. I won't see him again until the 5th of August. I suggested that he make it his mission to get on This Is Photobomb while he's there. Be nice to him and show him a good time, America. I love that man quite a lot.

Hmm.. I need a circus icon. It might have to wait till I do something worth photographing though.