July 25th, 2012


Don't you hate it when your Mum was right?

Yesterday was the first time in my university career that I've walked out of a lecture half way through. I was disgusted. This dude was standing up the front reading from a text at note-taking speed. Students were dutifully writing what he said down (or typing it in), word for word. Every now and then he'd stop and say "Did you get that?" and then carry on. The topic was Durkheim's theory of anomie.

Anomie in a nutshell: As societies progress, they move from mechanical solidarity (rigid values, repetitive memes, defined roles) to organic solidarity (plurality of values, changing memes, specialisation). This creates uncertainty within a populace due to basically, the goalposts shifting. If the goalposts shift really fast, you get an 'unanchored' population that doesn't know where the boundaries for values and roles are, things get messy, and this is called anomie. Anomie can be considered as a 'cause' for a bunch of societal ills, including crime.

By the end of the first hour, he'd got to the difference between a mechanical society and an organic one. I left.

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Any advice from those with experience appreciated. I guess I should count myself lucky that I've only struck this on the very last paper of my degree, eh?

Meanwhile in other news, Dr Wheel is going to Defcon. He only found out yesterday and he flies out tomorrow. I have the envies. I'm not really into Defcon (are you kidding I'd be mincemeat in 5 seconds) but The Crystal Method will be playing and for that I have the envies. Also because it's summer in Las Vegas and today it's 8 degrees, raining and blowing a southerly in Wellington.

Anyway, he'll be away for all of next week and weekend. Traditionally I think I'm supposed to get 'The Girls' around and we are supposed to drink wine and complain about our men or something. Given that I dislike wine, really like Dr Wheel quite a lot, and don't have anyone in my life that I'd define as The Girls, I might need to come up with some other idea. Hookers and blow maybe?

Finally, what's your favourite old wives' cold remedy? I am not an old wife and the only tale I can think of right now is "Don't pull faces cos if the wind changes you'll be stuck like that." My Mum was an old wife but she was eminently sensible and she'd say "Eat right, get enough exercise and sleep and you'll reduce the likelihood of getting sick in the first place." Thanks Mum.

So, what's yours?