July 24th, 2012


Seven is the safest number

Today is the day of many things to do. I just got back from the dental hygienist (who says that my flossing is exemplary!), in a little while I have a meeting with the government department my organisation deals with. Then I have to go and Lift Heavy Things with DoomBoy, then I have a lecture about Durkheim that goes for two hours, then I have to run (possibly literally) up to the circus hub for the first acro class of the term. Somewhere in here there's the work I do for money, and I doubt I'll get to play with my ponies today at all.

I now have two countem two Level 2 ponies, a unicorn and a pegasus. They are called Robby and Alan* (no you don't get to name them, the game does it) and I'm starting to see where the challenge is in this game. It's still pretty inane, but yeah. We'll see if I stay interested long enough to win. Turns out it was given so much as a gag gift over the weekend that it's now in the top ten sellers on Steam, people are actually playing it, and there's talk of lobbying Valve to put SotMC items into Team Fortress 2. Hehehe I love the internet.

* Robby and Alan are both genderless and capable of breeding with each other. I predict SotMC slash in 3, 2 ,1....

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I should probably also predict My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Secret of the Magic Crystals crossover slash as well, eh?