July 23rd, 2012


On relationship etiquette and being a wanker

So you might have noticed that I sometimes demonstrate fear of being perceived as a wanker.

"But Tats, you are a wanker! Just accept it!" I hear you say.

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In other news, as part of the Steam sale this weekend, Dr Wheel bought me Secret of the Magic Crystals. I’m not sure if he knew exactly what can of worms he was opening when he did this, but I’ve been a horse game nutter since horse games were invented. I haven’t played all of them by any means, but in the past I’ve spent time seriously addicted to Howrse, Virtual Horse Ranch, and Horsez. Of those, VHR was the most involved, being the most customisable and also massively multiplayer (I kid you not, thousands of people play it), but it’s a grid-based maths game with no graphics so no pretty ponies dancing.. Anyway, you get the idea. I will probably play this game obsessively till I complete my quest to breed a rainbow-coloured Unicorn Pegasus. Even if everyone else who played this to the finish was five. I have no shame.

Despite this, I did actually read two articles about Durkheim and start sketching out my first essay. Turns out Durkheim is like Foucault in that if you read articles other people have written about his stuff, he’s much easier to read. Thank fuck.

[edit] Haha ok this thread is cracking me up (in which someone attempts to play SOMC without instructions because it doesn't give you any).