July 18th, 2012


A ramble through the mind of a murderer

Apparently that nice Mr Key wants to know personally what I think. He does! He sent me a printed ticky-box form letter saying "How can we make a brighter future for you?" and the return address is directly to him! So since I now have a personal and direct line to the prime minister, I filled in the form for him. Because aw, he cares!

I may have taken some liberties with the wording of the three issues that were important to me, which are now worded thus:

1. Reducing long-term welfare dependency, with a focus on work job creation.
2. Selling minority Keeping all shares in four all energy SOEs and Air New Zealand.
3. Practical environmental policies supporting sustainable growth and greener technology.

In 'important local issues' I wrote The way that since this government was elected, many of my friends have lost their jobs due to redundancy and there seems nothing is in place to support new job creation.

Because fuckit, he asked. I'm sure he'll address my concerns personally too.

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So anyway, watching that video took me back to my past (again) in some pretty deep (but luckily not too distressing) ways. Consequently, last night I dreamed I was rousieing on a raised board, and the shearer I was working with's wife came in and got all shitty at me because I was rousieing too well and she though her husband might start to fancy me because of my Mad Skilllz.

Yes seriously, it was like that. Sorting fribs to catch yourself a man, oh please can I?

Have I mentioned lately how glad I am that I'm not there any more?


At work they have a net nanny. It's a basic one that blocks by domain. It appears to have blocked Tumblr for "Adult/Mature content." This makes me think two things.

1. I'm an adult, why am I not supposed to see adult content?
2. Has the person who labelled it 'mature' ever actually looked at Tumblr?