July 16th, 2012


No good place to put a cut here

Dear Fishpond, Amazon, Kobo, MightyApe and your ilk,

Please stop recommending 50 Shades of Grey to me as if this rec is based on anything except marketing hype. Nothing I've bought from you resembles this book (not even the caveman porn Kobo I'm looking at you), and from what I've read about it on the net it's badly-written glorified fanfic that is not only rapey as fuck but also, it's a book about kink by someone who doesn't know anything about kink. And vanilla people are reading it for the naughtygiggle factor.

Why the hell would I want to read that?

Signed, Tats.

PS Kobo Desktop app, you suck. The fact that I'm obliged to use you if I want to buy books legit from you, and every time I try to use you I have to jump through hoops to make you work? Well, you're making me really want a Kindle. Just saying.

OK now that I'm done being grumpy... does anyone actually know anyone who's read this book and thought it was good? And do you respect their opinion? Because I really am failing to understand why it's suddenly everywhere - does some publishing magnate owe the author a favour or something? Or is it just the potential for money to be made from exploiting people's fascination with kink? Either way, the marketing overkill is ensuring that none of them will ever get my money. It's like a little kid asking for a lolly, over and over and OVER again, till you don't give them one just to spite them.

Curmudgeonly Tats is curmudgeonly.

This, however, is kind of cool - Tripping In New York. Not the kind of tripping you'd normally expect to read about here, instead an interesting video project with a happy result.

This weekend I made two more planetmoonlampshades and got a video from grist showing the progress he's made on the LEDs for it, which can be viewed here. He says he has more work to do on them, and as Happy will cheerfully* inform you, programming LEDs to colour-change slowly and smoothly while not changing intensity of brightness is harder than it looks. So I'm proud of my brother and very excited about the upcoming end result.

Other than that, I went hunter/gathering in the market in the rain, killed a lot of geth, failed to get laid by Kaidan or Liara, was reassured by the YoT that this is normal at this stage of the game and thus I am not a virtual social reject, read about classical, positivist and critical criminology, cussed Kobo Desktop a lot, ate bangers and mash cooked by the aforementioned YoT, did my first 10kph hill run (and lived to tell the tale), and watched the RAW circus performance and tried to convince anyone who'd listen to join the circus. The guy who's teaching my handbalance class does Cyr Wheel and is awesome at it and I went and looked at a bunch of videos and it seems to be mainly guys doing it. There are a few women though. Which makes me go: extension extension goal. For when I've done all the other million goals I've set myself.

Cos grannies doing cyr wheel is sexy right?

Finally, thank you everyone for telling me about your own wardrobe malfunctions on Saturday. It really did make me feel like less of a dweeb to realise that actually, everyone does it. You all rock.

Even more finally, count the ways in which this photo of Misha Collins is awesome:

* Cheerful chap, that Happy.