July 13th, 2012

erotically codependent

Of academia and why Sam shouldn't wear chinos.

Note to self: next time you decide to make a dress, stop when you start to get tired of it and go back later. Otherwise it will lead to much unpicking. Of overlocking. Pay attention, self. You hate unpicking overlocking.

Also, I can do a bridge! A bridge looks like this:

Actually, I'm not sure it looks like that when I do it because I go up on my toes, but that's not the point. The point is, I haven't done one of these since I was about 10, and my first few attempts were a bit abortive, but now I can do it and stay there for 30 whole seconds before I collapse in a heap. I see this as progress!

Meanwhile, today I was going to have a moan about course coordinators who don't put the course info up on Blackboard before the course starts, but instead I'm going to praise the ones that do. Or more specifically, the ones that did, ie my one. It's a bit weird because the discussion board still has all the questions from the last lot of students on it, but I checked and the assessment details are up to date: 2 x 2000 word essays and an exam. So I guess no primary research for me this time round, which is probably a good thing. One essay is a comparative exploration of some dude called Young vs Durkheim in the context of competing criminological theories, the other is answering one of 13 questions (each about a specific theory). So, no drugs for me this time round either.

Ooh, here's a nice one though:

What theoretical assumptions does White* make when he says ".. the adequate study of environmental harm must proceed from sustained analysis of the basic institutions and structures of contemporary capitalism."

But yeah. Theoretical paper is theoretical. Me, I likes me some practical applications, and with these theoretical papers the only way I can get that is through endless discussion. ;-/ So new folks, please prepare yourself for at least one post a week of me wanking about criminological theory, until the end of October when I will be all "Thinking? I don't need no stinking thought! I plan to not think for at least the next six months."

Oh, and the lecturer recommends reading four chapters of the (incredibly dry) textbook from the prerequisite course as preparation for the first lecture. Naturally, I'll do this. Then I will go flagellate myself with a leather thong while kneeling on broken glass because that will be more fun. Unless you can think of other suitable displacement activities the equal of reading four textbook chapters in one go?

Can someone remind me again why it was that I started doing this?

* No idea who this is but since when has that ever stopped me?

The other night I had a dream that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (of Supernatural SamnDean fame) came to our Christmas woolshed barbeque. They were just visiting, not chasing ghosts, and Mr Padalecki insisted on wearing those saggy-crutched short chinos that are getting popular again and I was all "NO JARED NOOOOOooooo!" because for some reason it is really important to me, but to no avail. And now I will never view Supernatural quite the same again.