July 12th, 2012


Please post pics of bird scaring machines

OK so now I'm back at work and things should get a bit more normal. Sorry I haven't been responsive to comments on the last couple of posts - I've come to the realisation that when I'm not at work, I'm rarely in front of my computer and so I get hopelessly behind on internet-related things. On the upside though, yesterday I checked the noisy tappy pipe by sticking my head through the hole in the wall and photographing the offending area and worked out that yes we can wrap it; made a dress; cleaned the drains; did calisthenics OMG CALISTHENICS ARE HARD; bought some fruit; played some Mass Efffect; failed to find a suitable wok; and made Tats' Addictive Crumbed Stuff for dinner. And swore a lot at birds.

Fricking birds. They are scratching in my balcony plants again. This stopped during the summer but in winter they're like "Maybe now there will be worms in these pots!" *GRR* I think I might have to purchase some chicken wire. *mutter*

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I also found out that driving irritates my OOS. For those who are new, I have OOS in my neck and I've been seeing OsteoDude for a couple of months and now most of my days are pain-free. But there's something about the way the headrest in the car makes me hold my head that sparked it off again, and I'm back to sleeping on my right side again. OOS sucks. It's not like an injury that gets steadily better, it comes and goes and while it is slowly improving, it only takes a couple of hours of Wrong Movement and I'm in pain for another few days. Stupid OOS. OOS, you are worse than those damn birds.

This is cool. A chance to solve a 20-year-old mystery that includes cryptography, coding and William Gibson. Neat!