July 11th, 2012


Some pictures of our holiday and stuffed sheep

Today I am having a day off to recover from our holiday. It was incredibly strenuous. *nod* Actuallly it's mostly to try and get myself back in gear to go to work tomorrow because going from the ultimate in doing nothing to my work overnight is not good for the head, eh? So I took an extra day's leave to potter around the house.

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Nope, not the moon. Not a new planet either. It's my lampshade. It worked! I did cave and end up using wallpaper glue, but look! Art! Or something. Now to add the LED which will make it more planety, then make another 5 or so. And now I see it working (that's just over one of the yellow-based lamps in our lounge), I see potential for other forms of art that incorporate this concept.

But first, degree. Right?

Also, I don't think I'll be able to backscroll fully so if there's something I missed please let me know.