July 6th, 2012



Announcement: Wheel: The Next Generation is now a reality. He arrived on the 5th of July (yes folks, we really do live in the future cos that was yesterday for us) and his name is Daxton. Everyone's well and his parents couldn't be more chuffed, especially his Mum who went a week overdue and last Saturday was running through her list of old wives' tales on how to make babies come out NOW DAMNIT! *cough* I'd like to say he's beautiful but actually he looks a bit like a prizefighter who's just spent the last week on a whiskey bender and finished up by getting stoned. However, he is adorable. And well cooked.

He also has no idea what he's in for. Dr Wheel was all "What are uncles supposed to do?" and all I could come up with based on the YoT's uncle was "Teach him inappropriate words and give him inappropriate gifts." Hmm..

Announcement the Second: You know how LJ's a bit quiet lately? Well, like all good communities, it's come up with a way of connecting those who are still here, still posting, still reading, so we can know each other and find new friends. It's called a Friending Frenzy and one of my friends is having one. If you go have a look you'll see what the deal is. I thoroughly recommend it for reviving your flist and also for meeting far-flung people and getting to know them. It's over here: Let the frenzy begin! Well actually it's well underway already but you get the drift.

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Meanwhile, yesterday I had a conversation about brains. I have decided that my brain is like a Sherman Tank - it's not pretty or flashy and it doesn't go very fast but it has a lot of inertia and when it's going it just keeps on keeping on no matter what you chuck at it. When it does get put off track, it takes a while to get back on. It's also capable of firing the occasional devastating rocket. My friend decided his was like a Concorde - goes really really fast and is utterly unique but breaks down really easily.

So, oh newly expanded flist - what would your brain be if it was a vehicle?