July 4th, 2012


Power lifting sans the power

The other day I told DoomBoy* that I want to be able to press to handstand from a headstand. He went away and had a wee think about it, and came back yesterday with a plan. First I had to show him what I can already do. Using my legs to help I can get my head about three inches off the ground before my arms collapse. Without the legs I can decrease the pressure on the top of my head by about half but not actually get off the ground at all.

It was humiliating. However, that's what he's there for - to not point and laugh, and to make it less humiliating over time, right?

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Today, things hurt. Unexpected things, like my thighs and the muscles in my middle back. I'm told that lifting things over your head is the best overall exercise for getting generally stronger, and I can sort of see why. BRB off to go lift more things over my head. As long as they weigh <45 kilos, anway.


Meanwhile, the university asked me to change my password this morning. Weirdly it doesn't check to make sure your new password isn't exactly the same as your old one. I've been using the same password over there for 5 years. Yes I know it's risky, but seriously? What is an internet evil-person going to do? Enrol me in Statistics? So yeah. A bit odd, that. Every other site that requires a password change periodically, generally makes sure you actually change it.

Universities - not huge funding for IT, I gather?

I might have spent a short time looking at prestigious overseas universities' postgrad Criminology offerings yesterday. Because it doesn't hurt to know, eh?

* Aaron the trainer dude. He gets this name because he comes with his own DUN DUN DUN doom music these days since every time I see him it means pain.