July 2nd, 2012


In which I play with my balls

Some of you might remember how earlier this year I spent an excessive amount of time painting my balls green. I finished that just in time for .. something, can't remember what, and by that time I was so over the balls that I just put them away and forgot about them. But they are actually part of a larger project that also involves grist, and the other day he nudged me and mentioned that he's ready to move to Stage 2.

"Oh crap, I had better finish Stage 1 then, hadn't I?" says Tats.

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Yes, I am rediscovering the joy of peeling PVA off my fingers, that we all enjoyed so much at primary school..

Meanwhile, it turns out that because one of my 300 papers was Research Methods which I can put towards any Humanities major, I can potentially put that towards a major in both SPOL and CRIM, which according to my student services coordinator person, means that I just have to hold my nose and do CRIM Theory next trimester and I could complete with my double major after all. At which point I will go "Yay!" And I'm told that the results for our final test in Drug Policy are available, but I have to hike up to the Uni to get them. So I'm off to do that now.

[edit] It would appear I'll get an A for this course too. One to go - can I ace my entire degree? That would be cool.