June 29th, 2012


Don't break my stuff, mmk?

This morning's waking thought: "They're all tortoiseshell except Maru."

Clearly the lolcats are testing their mind control on me.

Meanwhile, our building has a street on the roof. It's hard to explain - it's not a traffic street but a foot one - but I live on said street and there are outdoor planter boxes about the place to help retain that street sort of feel. It's called Little Havana St, a play on the fact that the main building is on Cuba St, in what's known as the Cuba Quarter of Wellington*.

When I moved in, the planters outside our apartment were both empty. To fill one, which is perma-shaded and a bit damp, I added ferns and a daphne, because daphne smells awesome in spring. For the other, which is sun-beaten and never gets rained on, I went for a walk and yoinked a bunch of geranium and pelargonium cuttings. 9 months of TLC later they have grown up and were looking really nice. I was expecting pretty flowers this summer from them.

Except last night, some WANKER decided that it was a good idea to rip them out and throw them around the place. It must have been someone leaving one of the apartments, because they even carried one downstairs and dumped it in the lobby. We are not talking little plants here - they were at least two feet high and starting to bush out. I found the carnage as I left for work this morning. I've replanted the ones I could find - luckily they still had the roots attached - and the YoT said he'd give them a good watering-in. Since they're the sort of thing that survives ok for several days out of soil as a cutting, I have hope that they'll live, but this kind of knock means that they're unlikely to flower this summer.

Fuckers. Why would you do something like that? It's absolutely pointless vandalism and I can't see any driver for it except.. I don't know. What drives someone to destroy beauty? It made me so sad to see my poor plants all wilted on the floor. If I could think of a reason why someone would do something like that, maybe it would be better, but I can't. I don't even know who it was - I suspect a guest of one of my neighbours maybe.

Dear internet, witness my impotent fury at folks who destroy things I care about for no good reason.

Which reminds me of this. It's a picture of our Minister of Police looking extremely pleased with herself after crushing a boy racer's 'pride and joy' (value $9000) because he got three 'strikes' for boy racing in two years.

Yes I think that sort of behaviour should be punished, but destroying someone's car and then taking pictures of yourself gloating about it for the front page of the paper smacks more of revenge than any kind of real punishment. They could have given the car to a charity to use, or a family that needs one. They could have sold it to defray court expenses. Instead they crushed it, and in the process created one more person who hates the police - with good reason IMO.

Curmudgeonly Tats is curmudgeonly.

* Wellington only has three Quarters - Lambton, Courtenay and Cuba. The Cuba one has a lot of places that play on the Cuba theme. My favourite cafe is called Fidel's, for example.

[edit] In positivity news, I thoroughly recommend Mighty Ape for games and game-related stuff. When I found a sexist ad on their site and emailed them about it, they fixed it. When they sent a game that got damaged on the way, they sent me another within a day. And whenever I purchase something from them, it arrives the next day. In short, they rock.