June 27th, 2012


Have I mentioned how much I dislike arbitrary conditions?

Yesterday I did a fitness test. This is the second time I've done this test, the first being at the start of this training thing. I nailed my previous time by four minutes. In the words of the inimitable Aaron*, "You crushed it!" Pan to me lying on the floor gasping, going "Yeah, just call me Crusher."

Anyway, progress! Now I think I understand Dr Wheel's analogy with levelling up in a video game - the ultimate bossfight being a press to handstand on someone else's hands. At which point I'll start working on the expansion pack.

* Personal Trainer Dude. I picked him because a) I clicked with him and b) he specialises in strength training. He's also a rugby boy from a farm so understands about the sheep thing and isn't all "But you're a GIRL!". And has the most beautiful auburn hair which he shaves off on a regular basis. Shame, that.

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Meanwhile, yesterday I talked to the uni. Apparently I might be able to get into Honours Criminology but to do that I'd have to do one more 300 level CRIM course. This means swapping the SPOL one on Emotions in Policy (which sounds really interesting) that I was enrolled in for next trimester, for 300 level Criminological Theory (which sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry). I would still be short one paper for the double major, but several people in CRIM would likely go in to bat for me based on my academic record. It's frustrating - it's plainly obvious that I can do the level of thinking and the work required in both SPOL and CRIM, this is just an arbitrary requirement that I can only do Honours in something I've majored in, and they don't offer Honours SPOL.

Personally, I think drug policy should be in SPOL instead of CRIM anyway - but there you go. If I want to continue at postgrad level with drug policy, it has to be in CRIM and to do that I have to have that as a major (or at least be a shit hot student - which I am - and have a near-complete major in it). It would have been nice if someone had told me this a couple of years ago, you know?

Unfortunately, the people who are necessary to make the decision are away until the new term, so I have to make these changes on faith that it'll help me get where I want to be. Fuckity.