June 26th, 2012


Bodycorp AGMs - not for the faint hearted

Well, it seems good sense prevailed at the Dreaded Meeting of the BodyCorp last night. Most of the austerity measures were rejected in favour of welfare considerations, and I would suggest based on discussions that our little republic will ride out this global recession storm in reasonable financial shape, and without being surrounded by giant piles of rubbish, by taking the cost on the chin now instead of putting it off till later when it's likely to be more. *cough* Not that I'm making a blatant bludgeony point about governments here or anything..

But OMG shouty woman! Why does every organisation that has meetings you just have to go to, have one person that wants to use the meeting as a platform to air personal grievances? Especially when one of those grievances is the hourly rate charged by the secretariat in relation to meetings. Hello, you just cost us all $130+GST. Cheers! I mean, I get that not everyone's going to have issues solved to their satisfaction all the time, but there's having an issue then there's deliberate obstruction. And every single organisation I've been part of has had someone like this on it. Is it an official role that I didn't know about? Luckily our meeting chair seems to know this person of old and finished the meeting so the rest of us could go while her issues were dealt with. Because *gnng*

And the room was warm, which was nice.

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So OsteoDude told me that the best thing I can do for myself and my neck is as much exercise as possible. I've been taking that to heart and making sure I'm active for at least an hour a day, and a lot of that is pretty full on with the weightlifting and the running and the rowing and the acrobalance and such. But the thing that always makes me sore, without fail?


And the thing that makes me feel the most hardcore is the 5 second burst of cold water at the end of every shower. I'm sure there are ascetic monks pointing and laughing at me right now, but to my soft pampered city psyche, 5 seconds of freezing after a warm shower makes me harder than Chuck Norris*. Go on, try it.

*I fully expect Chuck Norris to come deal to me for saying that.