June 22nd, 2012


In which I give the world what I want back

Last night I was informed that the guy who played Robin in the Batman television series from the 1970s, Burt Ward, had gone on to be a porn star. This morning I looked it up. It seems nothing could be further from the truth - the Boy Wonder has spent his retirement acting in straight-to-TV movies and rescuing Great Danes.

Robin was the first recipient of my emerging heterosexual complex feelings when I was too young to feel sexual but felt something about certain boys that I didn't feel about girls. Along with Kevin Brophy who was the main actor in Lucan. Which now I look back, was wall-to-wall cheese - but to 8 year old me, was the height of epic fantasy. Really. But, you know, it was the 70s, and the 70s also brought us these pants:

So we can probably all be forgiven for having a warped idea of what's tasteful and good, right?

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Lalala, well I feel better!