June 21st, 2012


In which I am insecure about my lopsided elbows

This morning, I finally figured out what alcopop means. I could never work out why a bottle of bourbon and coke was being compared to an alcohol lollipop. Then *lightbulb moment* I read something from the UK, and realised that in other parts of the world, fizzy drinks are called pop, and ta da!

Yes, I am that sharp.

Anyway, that article was discussing David Nutt's new book, Drugs Without the Hot Air, which should arrive on my doorstep some time next week.

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Today's the solstice. I remember 17 years ago, I was in a hospital going "Well thank fuck that part's over" while the realisation was dawning that actually, this parent thing was only just starting. The YoT is a bit bigger now. He's also learning to be a barista, and last night he regaled me with all this technical stuff about how to make coffee and I had this mental picture of him working as a barista with the witty banter and the being around people and you know, it fits.

But yeah. He's 17. Holy fuck.

Happy solstice everyone!