June 20th, 2012


I know, how about dostuffspiration?

Last night me and my energy-depleted body arrived home to spicy stir fried rice and vegies with bacon. It's like little forkfuls of heaven, and I ate one of our giant bowls full of it. NOM. Then there was chocolate because Dr Wheel brings the niceties of life, and then there was starfishing and I don't remember anything else till this morning.

The circus term is now over for four weeks. For our final class, we put together a routine to perform for each other. Ours included all the things I'm not so good at, like neckspins, but we decided to go for the Drunken Clown approach and it worked - especially when we ballsed it up but somehow ended up in a position where we could still salvage it and finish the move (even though I was sitting on his shoulder instead of upside down in his arms O.o) and everyone laughed and it was kind of fun. Next term I'll carry on with this because I like it more than I expected to and I've had one offer of a potental future base partner for practicing outside class. I'll also do the hand balancing because damnit I will do a handstand before the end of this year. A proper one, I mean. I've even been stretching for it, that's how determined I am.

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Meanwhile, the abovementioned trainer decided that being stronger means lifting heavier things. I totally get this - if I want to be able to press to handstand I need to be able to push my own bodyweight above my head, right? He's behind this idea. So yesterday I lifted an extra 1161 kg. Not all in one go (duh), but in the incremental extras he added to what I'm already doing.

That there? That's my fitspiration. Back when I was dagging, I'd drag 36 tonnes of sheep a day, and could do a one-armed pullup. So one extra tonne of lifting? Nothing.