June 19th, 2012


Around the traps

Me: "You were totally being objectified on my blog today."
Him: "Aw, you guys.. I'm a real person! With.... lungs!"

Reason #3276 that Dr Wheel is awesome, right there.

Meanwhile, over at Supernova Condensate: Uranus is ringed with something that isn't methane! *cough* Say that out loud, I dare you.

It also seems we (us being rational folks) have lost the battle to avoid a moral panic over bath salts. Just to make it more fun, the Daily Mail has stepped up and is now trying to extend it to include khat (a natural source of cathinone traditionally chewed as a stimulant in North Africa since forever*). As you can imagine, it contains all that good stuff designed to stir up people's racist fears about the Somali immigrant community in Britain. Because drugs have never been used to marginalise a group of people before, eh?

Apparently the word ‘vagina’ is too offensive to be used in front of women. I kid you not. Stay classy, Michigan.

And a woman who set up a Kickstarter to make a video exploring the tropes and stereotypes commonly applied to women in video games posts screenshots of some of the responses to her request, kind of proving her point that maybe there’s a problem (warning, every kind of abusive insult you can imagine is in those comments). While she’s busy being told to get back to the kitchen and that people hope she dies of cancer, people are quietly funding her. Yes, she’s been funded $158,917 to date on her $6000 request. You can go help at that link if you want too. Here’s a roundup of some of the harassment she was exposed to because of her notion that there might be tropes about women in video games and that this might be a problem worth exploring.

I guess with all that money, those tropes are going to get the hell explored out of them now. Thanks, misogynists, for making sure people are outraged at you!

Speaking of video games, I started Mass Effect on Sunday. It’s pretty! It dropped me in the middle of what felt like a FPS, I muddled through that and now I’m trying to work out how to get the blobby pink thing to sell me stuff, and what stuff I need to buy. And working out which of my teammates I want to sex. Cos that’s important!

* I'd also like to point out that when the coffee market crashed because of irresponsible commodity trading in the West, many Ethiopian coffee farmers turned to growing khat instead. It ought to be noted too that coffee is a similar mild stimulant that has been used in North Africa since forever.