June 18th, 2012


The complete lack of Things in the Walls and what to do about it

This weekend was a weekend of DIY. Well actually it was really only a morning of DIY, and it was more like DIJ (do it Joel). There are many neat things about Joel, but one that constantly surprises me (and I don't know why) is his willingness to climb up in the ceiling to investigate stuff, and build things, and be all handy.

I think maybe it's because my previous experience of people who do that kind of thing is that they are not necessarily versatile in their abilities, and likewise often people who are very cerebral are similarly non-versatile - lots of my favourite brainy people are not so much with the hammer-swinging and chainsaw-wielding. Joel is one of those people that fits well into more than one category - he can be Cerebral and Handy and a bunch of other things as well that I won't go into here, and that's neat.

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I'm pretty pleased with this development. Now to hang up my balls and build a bookshelf, and insulate our Gaping Hole. Just to make this more interactive, what sort of sound insulation should we use? No, fuvenusrs, the children of our enemies are not suitable as insulation, mmk?