June 14th, 2012


Today is apparently the Day of the Creeps

Dear guy in the Left Bank apartments,

Nice new toy you have there. Blue laser! Awesome! Wow, it really does go a long way, doesn't it? All the way to my kitchen wall while I'm making my lunch in the morning! Congratulations, now I think you're a creepy-arse weirdo who looks into other people's houses! And yes, I could tell you're a man from the shape of your silhouette.

No love, Tats

PS That might not have been a friendly wave I was giving you off my balcony.

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OMG one of my colleagues just admitted she doesn't know how to check her oil or tyre pressure! I am now resisting the urge to grab her and go "YOU ARE LETTING THE SIDE DOWN!"

Because part of being self-determined is determining that it's perfectly fine not to know how to do these things. Right?