June 12th, 2012


In which I know little of shaving and rant about credit checks

So the weekend Dr Wheel was away turned out to be the weekend the YoT decided he needed to sort himself with shaving gear. He's been shaving on and off for the last year, but his sideburns have crept down and his under-chin fluff has crept up, and yeah. It's time. *pause for a moment of Mumness*

Now, I'm pretty good at shaving gear for my shaving needs but manshaving is something I've little experience at. I do take some note of what the men in my life do, and I've shared enough bathrooms to know that most of the men I know prefer gel to foam, and it's a good idea to use some balm type stuff afterwards. Also, just how many blades does one face need? It seems the minimum you can get these days is three, but five? Really? So we compromised and got four. I guess he'll figure it out as he goes along like most men do. It'll be interesting to see if he ends up with Scots/Irish facial hair like his Dad or the finer English style that my Dad and brother have. I hope for his sake it's the second, otherwise if he decides to grow a beard it'll be Giant! Red! And Belligerent! Nobody wants that right?

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Meanwhile can I suggest again that if you haven't already, you join a union? Or the NZ Council for Civil Liberties? Or any organised group that might stand up against this sort of bullshit?