June 11th, 2012


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So I ended up not making anything over the weekend. I did start to think about it, but then instead I coloured my hair and it took twice as long as it needed to and I ended up naked because of getting it on my clothes. One day I will learn to wear the same crappy old t-shirt for this job instead of assuming that if I'm careful enough I won't get it all over myself. Anyway, after that I'd used up my cussword quota for the day and as you know, if you're not cussing you're not sewing so I decided to flag it in favour of killing hurlocks and sexing Anders.

Only to discover that there is no sexing in DAO:A. Ripped off! I mean, I enjoy the adventuring and the RPing and the killing monsters (hello, been a gamer since Transylvania) but the sexing adds another dimension to it that I now miss when it's not there. Instead I got Surprise!Bossfight! With Giant Ghost Electric Dragon*! in which we wiped four times before taking it, which almost made up for the lack of sexing. Almost.

*Queen of the Blackmarsh. I like my name better.

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The end of my nose is all red. Not in that way that people get when they hit the bottle too hard, more as if it's sustained some trauma. I can't remember being kicked in the face on Saturday. This doesn't mean it didn't happen, of course, but.. hmm.

And, Dr Wheel returned from his retreat in need of a retreat from retreating. Apparently retreats are not relaxing. Who knew? And we've now watched to the end of Supernatural Season 7 and Game of Thrones Season 2. Whatever shall we watch now?