June 9th, 2012


In which I do something that isn't sewing with my Saturday

Today was belly/bum/feet/face day for some of my clients. This is the pre-lambing tidy-up session you do for your ewes before they get so big that turning them upside down and bending them is mean. It sees them right through till after their lambs are born, and involves a foot trim, taking all the wool off their belly and crutch area, and eyewigging them, which makes them look weird.

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Next time I see these guys will probably be either late August for their pre-show-season shear, or early summer if they don't get shown this year for the normal shear. And they will have lambs! Which will be cute!

There will be photos of lambs. Everyone likes lambs!

Tonight Dr Wheel is on a work retreat. They have retreated to Martinborough, and everyone knows what that means! *cough* Well actually, neither of us knew what that means so I'm hoping to be entertained with details of what retreating in Martinborough entails when he gets back.

Meanwhile, I'm going to try and get Anders into bed. Cos he's marginally hotter than Nathaniel.