June 8th, 2012


Mainly to have a record all in one place

Last night in my dream I got issued a ticket by a parking warden for wearing gym clothes in public. I know plenty of people would say this is fair and just but please be reserving judgment till you've seen me in gym clothes! As far as crimes against humanity go, it's not that bad. Right? Right?

So there's this thing they have every now and then in Wellington, called Craft 2.0. It's a craft show where crafty people sell their wares and non-crafty people buy them cos they can't make stuff themselves. My folks used to have stalls at these and I remember as a kid being bored out of my tree because most of the stuff was baby booties and I couldn't buy the nice stuff what with no money and all, and the glass blower never let me play with their gear for some reason.

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Also, I'm thinking of popping along to Craft 2.0 just to see if it's still all baby booties and leather work, or if things have moved on since I spent endless slow, dusty hours hanging around craft shows with my folks in the 1980s.

Meanwhile, OsteoDude did not crack my neck. He did fiddle and prod and pull, but no cracking. Apparently it isn't necessary and I've made quite a lot of improvement this week. And also, the weather's improved so hey guess what dagging oh yay! And then sewing! And no writing! (maybe some gaming) *squee* omgfreetimeiloveit...

Question for the cooky people on here

I made amaranth. The recommended water ratio was 3:1, but after half an hour it still had way too much water in, and had a consistency something like porridge. I was going more for a couscouslike thing.

I sort of salvaged it with roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds and some almonds with parmesan cheese, but I wanted fluff not glop.

Is this how amaranth is supposed to be? It seemed to ooze some kind of coating sort of like chia does.

Less water? Cook longer? Scrap any idea that it'll come out like couscous?