June 7th, 2012


Scary things Thursday

Weather thing on my Flash As New Phone says: Feels like 3° and raining. Thanks, weather thing! Actually I shouldn't be mean to the weather thing, it lets me know how many sets of thermal undies to put on in the morning. Used to be that I knew already because I could see my breath rising in the bedroom, but now I live in a house that's OMG Insulated!, I've been caught out a few times and spent the day turning blue at work.

I'm supposed to be crutching sheep this weekend, the Polwarths out Wainui Coast and the Moorits up on Maungaraki. Unless it comes out stunning this afternoon, I think the sheep's bums might be safe for another week. In which case I shall play games and make ridiculous tutus instead.

See that up there? That's me deciding what to do with my weekend that isn't writing essays! (Yes I will get over the novelty of this soon but not today, it seems).

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PS What the fuck is this shit? Paula Bennett on the rampage again. For those new here, she's our Minister of Social Development and she's well known for harbouring extreme right-wing views, particularly with regard to welfare. The irony is that she raised her child on welfare, and got a supported education through welfare which led to her being in a position to help others on welfare. Instead, she advocates eugenics. Because IDEOLOGY. And ideology is more important than evidence. I particularly like the dog reference, reminds me of Barbara Harris tbh.

A couple of years ago, I wrote about Project Prevention (giving money to crack-addicted mothers to use long-term contraception or get sterilised) as a state crime. It was convincing enough to get me an A. And you know, if I decided to write about Paula Bennett's antics as state crime, it'd be a whole lot easier argument to make.

Just saying.

Oh yeah, welcome new people. I'm not going to do an intro, since my life's an open book more or less anyway, you'll figure it out. One thing though - the discussions my friends have in comments here is often about stuff that has nothing to do with my post. I quite like that bit. ;-)