June 6th, 2012


Let the Alistair-sexing begin!

Guess what I did? Well, it's not actually that hard to guess - I installed DAO:A and played through to the first boss fight! And yes, I'm stupidly excited about that, mostly because GAMING YAY! And better still, not feeling guilty about it! And it's been long enough that I'm out of practice enough that there were several wipes, which always keeps it interesting.

And then I battled the apparently gale force wind to go get thrown around at circus class. Things I learned: wear drawstring pants. SRSLY because my white arse is not what people want to see when they've paid to go to a show, right? Anyway, Tom and I can now do enough things that we could put together a routine if we were so inclined. He is in agreement that 'drunken clown' might be a good theme for such a thing. Hmm..

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I completely missed the thunderstorm last night. Apparently it was quite spectacular. This is what you get for living next door to a pub that has bands three nights a week. Also *loop back to the bit about vacuuming calories and collapsing*

PS this is awesome: