May 31st, 2012



According to my dream, in the dystopian future when we are all living underground because Above is ruled by the fascist Middle Aged White Man party, our rebel strike force will consist of giant kittens grown on an exclusive diet of army ants.

Just so you can be prepared.

And in case they run amok instead of dismantling the fascist overlords, it was all tieke's idea, mmk? Except the decor, that was purely Happy, who has yet to explain why the coffee machine is recessed into the newel post at the top of the stairs. Dashed inconvenient, that. *cough*

Today's post was going to be deep and introspective - turns out that last week's events with the YoT and his other family have dredged up a bunch of stuff for further processing - but I have to go to a meeting full of suits* for the entire bloody day and really, today is a much more kitten-oriented day IMO.

* I promise not to set the Giant Kitten Army** on them before it's ready.

** Yes I know*** that would make a good name for a band.

*** I am so meta.