May 28th, 2012


On the upside, after next Tuesday I have 6 weeks off school

Last night I dreamed that I attended a lecture on pasture management at Cambridge University. Being an old university, they had some traditions that must be kept up:

* holding lectures in an old stone churchlike building and requiring students to stand when the lecturer entered, then holding the actual lecture outside because the building was too small.
* having a large bronze statue of an ostrich wheeled onto the platform for the duration of the lecture.
* taking photographs of myself and the lecturer doing ducklips for Facebook.

I found this last bit quite disturbing. I don't have a Facebook, wtf?

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I continue to be unimpressed with the assessment style of this course I'm doing. We now have a 'take-home test' that was originally supposed to be a 2-hour in-class exam, but because the lecturer is a new expat and not familiar with the holidays, he didn't realise next Monday (test day) is Queen's Birthday and the university would be closed. They've changed it to a take-home test and now all the answers require references. This means the expected standard just went up. There are even word counts attached to each question. We have to write a total of 3000 referenced words on a variety of prescribed topics related to the handling of drugs in contemporary society. In a week. It's worth 50% of the course mark.

This is the hardest lot of assessments I've ever had to do for a 200 level course and seriously? I think they've missed the mark with their expectations. Either that or this course is set at the level the lecturer is used to from England, and the usual NZ assessment level is internationally quite low. I am supposed to get my essay back today so I guess that'll give me some indication of where I stand..

Maybe that's why I dreamed of doing ducklips with Cambridge lecturers. Because it's more fun than dreaming about trying to do well in this course. ;-/