May 25th, 2012


Lets get the ball rolling

So this business of getting my upper back moving again involves twice daily lying on the floor rolling up and down over the top of an air-filled ball. This is supposed to force the immobile vertebrae to flex just a little, and we gradually work up to actually moving, after which I'll be able to do handsprings and walkovers. Or something. Anyway, I tried it yesterday with my large stage ball but they are designed for contact juggling, not torso supporting, and it ended up looking something like a flat tyre. It's recovered but this is clearly not the best option.

The next stop was the toy shop. I was hoping for a nice discreet single-coloured fluoro pink one, or even one of those weird bobbly ones that look like sex toys. But no, they only had merchandise ones. Seriously, who knew you could get a Spiderman ball? Unfortunately the Spiderman one was too small. At this point I started to feel a bit like Goldilocks - the Angry Birds one was too big and the Bratz one was too soft. But eventually after some digging I found the perfect ball:

Collapse )

Anyway, yeah. So far Hannah seems to have done me more good than the Voltaren, since stuff still hurts. But OsteoDude did warn me that my body might react to the changes with more pain.

And now I've thought about it more, I can remember when I first noticed it hurting. It was after I shore Graham Houston's ewes. Shearing puts you in this position:

Which probably puts more strain than absolutely necessary on your neck now I think of it, especially if your upper spine is seized and those muscles aren't helping support your head eh? I should probably tell OsteoDude this next time I see him.

I don't want to have to stop shearing. It's kind of a point of pride for me, I expect to still be able to do it when I'm in my 60s so seizing up now is not acceptable. But it's ok, because I have Hannah Montana on my side.