May 22nd, 2012


Thor's hammer is totally a euphemism

Last night we saw The Avengers in a theatre with 9 or so other people. Either Monday night's not a popular movie night, or this movie is already past its peak. Before I get to the movie, a couple of things about the theatre:

1. Is pre-movie shorts the place where adverts too obscure for TV go to die?

2. I reckon they should put a vibratey thing in all the seats, then they wouldn't have to turn the volume up so bloody loud.

Anyway, on to the movie.

Collapse )

So yeah. Another of those movies that is great fun but that required a conscious choice on my part to enjoy it despite rather than not enjoy it because. It was easier with this one than with most other movies of its ilk. Also, Loki's hot.

In other news, last night I discovered that leftover corn chips from Sunday's nacho night, whizzed up in the whizzer with some smoked paprika and other yummies, makes a fairly decent crumb coating for bits o'lamb on Monday night. Win!

Today I am making an appointment to see an osteopath. This pain in my neck has been ongoing for several weeks and isn't getting better. I suspect it comes from my shoulder, and it's time to do something about it. The pain is making me cranky. *gruntles*