May 21st, 2012


In which we take Buddha for a drive

You folks who are looking for something interesting to read, you should go have a look at Supernova Condensate. He's an astronomer who writes about mostly astronomy in a really accessible and interesting way. Today's post is a graphic he made of all the spacecraft created by humanity to date, complete with handy colour-coding to show which ones are still active. From this, I have deduced that I want a Skylon (when they've finished developing it) because they are the coolest shape.


Why yes the colour was a factor when I bought my car. What of it?

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I am quite enjoying this business of not having to write essays. I could get used to it. Weekends feel more like weekends when I get to spend at least part of them crawling around the floor sticking pins in myself.

And this morning it was 3 degrees. WTF Wellington? I know it's a stunning day today but 3 degrees? In May? NOOOOOoooooooo....

Oh yeah, the Youth of Today has email. Apparently he was taken to Dargaville despite his objections and is now staying with his ex-stepmother and his sister, and is concerned that he'll miss the plane home on Wednesday. He has a night class on Wednesday that he doesn't want to miss, and I would not like to be the person that caused this to happen. I really hope it works out for him.