May 17th, 2012


In which I eat horse food when I could be eating ice cream

Remember a few weeks ago I got my brother to spit in a test tube? Well, apparently the Ys in my ancestry came from R1b1b2a1a2d*. Which is a fancy way of saying Common-As-Muck European. This lot has the dubious honour of being the likely source of lactose tolerance in those with European ancestry, and seem to mostly hail from the Spain/France/Italy part of Europe. I haven't had a chance to research this stuff thoroughly yet and probably shouldn't go down that rabbit hole right now, eh? I've found people who are researching it more deeply and will contact them tonight. Meanwhile, I will run with the knowledge that my brother is 0.1% less neanderthal than me.

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Tonight I have the challenge of concocting something out of leftover stuff in the fridge, which consists of last night's dinner and Tuesday's (which was rice and vegie stir fry). I'm tempted to just chuck the whole lot in a pan and stir it around with some fresh vegies to see what happens. Vegan Glop! It's what everyone has on Thursdays, right?

Meanwhile, the Youth of Today is off up north for a week this afternoon. Apparently his father has a job in forestry on the Coromandel and his one remaining grandparent is over from Australia for a visit, so he's being flown up. This may be the last chance he gets to see Paddy (who was my one ally in the whole mess that was my marriage and is one awesome lady), and he hasn't seen his other family for nearly 18 months, so I'm ok with him missing school for it. I just hope it doesn't end up being a disappointment for him. He's being very mature about the whole thing, but .. I'm his Mum and I feel for how these things have affected him in the past.

The sucky part of being a Mum is not being able to protect your kid from life, eh? I just hope the work we've done these last few years has made him better able to cope. *crosses everything*