May 16th, 2012


That Oatmeal cartoon

My conscious sleeping didn't work so well last night. ;-/ Mostly I think because Tuesday is a gym day and also acro day and since it's blood week too, things conspired for me to just be too tired to wake myself up. Meh.

Yesterday there was a thing that bugged me. Specifically, the latest Oatmeal strip, about Nikola Tesla. Normally I quite like The Oatmeal and to be completely honest, this one is not really an exception. It was interesting and informative and if you're bothered about the wireless electricity bit you should probably talk to Professor Toddles because I haven't read up on it.

Collapse )

Last night we did lots of bluebird stuff. Bluebird looks like this:

Neither Tom nor I were really on last night but we muddled through. I only have one giant bruise on my shin (there's probably a matching one on his knee), and we definitely made improvements in all areas. Also, it's taking a bit of getting used to being flung around. I have always felt big, ungainly and gangly next to my friends, and it's a strange kind of cognitive dissonance to have someone pick me up and manipulate me as if I weigh nothing.

But I like it.