May 15th, 2012


Falafel is a good name for an elf

So I've been experimenting with conscious sleeping. You see, I have 2 things that happen while I sleep that I want to change. One is scrunching up my neck into impossible positions so that I can more easily chase Dr Wheel (and his warmth) around the bed - this has led to ongoing daytime neck pain. The other is overheating and lying in a puddle of sweat. I figure that if I can make myself wake up at a given time just by thinking about it as I go to sleep, I should also be able to wake up when I scrunch my neck and straighten it out, and also when I start to get too hot. If I'm awake I can shove the covers off and save changing the sheets every 5 minutes, right?

So far it seems to be working. I've been waking up 3-4 times a night to either cool off or straighten my neck, and am feeling far more refreshed than I usually do despite this. I guess not being a soggy pretzel for half the night is a better sleep plan, eh?

You needed to know that. Anyway, have a domestic goddess post:

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Oddly, when I told Dr Wheel he now had to refer to me as Master of Falafel, he laughed. No sense of occasion, that man.

Have a thing: "A strange new epidemic has broken out. It is most prevalent among former law enforcement officials and former political decision makers. The most vulnerable are those who have previously made a significant contribution to the global war on drugs. Symptoms of the disease are remorse, turning against conventional beliefs, radical improvement of cognitive functions and a strong incentive to promote drug policy reform." Apparently the former Polish president is the latest victim.


And again I ask, why? Why do the authorities find it so important to prevent us from using (specific) drugs? What exactly do they stand to gain by ensuring we abstain? And how is that gain worth the life and money that the attempt to stop us has cost? I don't understand. Why?

Finally, if you didn't think the English were weird enough, have the tale of what happened to Jeremy Bentham's head, courtesy of tieke's Mum, who has apparently 'met' this thing. O.o