May 14th, 2012


In which I get flattened by Smudge and play with Paint

This weekend was the first one for a while where I didn't have an essay hanging over my head. In fact, the next two will be like that too. This course has a thing called a 'take home test' that sounds bloody ominous if you ask me. I hate open book tests - I don't believe they are a test of what you know, instead they are a test of how well you can find the answer and string it into your own words. ;-/ And usually they expect a different standard of answer because of being allowed to look in books. Meh.

But anyway, yes, free weekend. Except for the sheep shearing thing...

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Y'know, on the weekends I don't really look at the internet all that much. This weekend I didn't do anything particularly exciting (gym, sheep, groceries, cleaned the house, visited friends - just life stuff), but I just have no real cause or motivation to read the stuff that I read religously during the week. So when I get to it on Monday, there's a pile of weekend stuff that's exacerbated by the fact that when it's Saturday here, it's still a weekday most other places. Which leaves me with the backscrolling dilemma. I find that I backscroll completely on LJ and not at all on Twitter. So now I'm wondering - do you backscroll? What about on something like Facebook that's likely to be 345,672,109 posts, 75% of which are quizzes? Do you bother?

Also, plz2b telling me your favourite vegan recipes. No I have not caught veganism, but Dr Wheel is doing a detox and that's the easiest way to describe what he's still allowed to eat. It's only for a week but still, it'd be nice to have tasty foods for that week eh?